Freezer Door Hinge for F250 Conventional Good Humor Truck (Hopper)

Offered for auction is one Hinge for F250 Conventional Good Humor Ice Cream Truck freezer doors. The hinge is made of thick 14 gauge stainless steel with 1/4 inch stainless steel pin that is spun on both ends. It is 12.75 inches long and 3.5 inches wide overall.

The hinge system worked very well while these trucks were relatively new, but with the passage of time a few problems began to appear. The heavy weight of the door (around 20lbs) seems to be the main reason. A majority of the remaining Good Humor trucks have experienced in excess of 200-250 open/close door cycles per day, day after day. After several years of constant slamming of the doors, the hinge pin would start to wear against the hinge and gradually cause the door to sag away from the frame on top. Further usage under these conditions would result in the cracking of the thin end portion of the hinge leaf on top and then at the bottom. These problems eventually lead to a condition where the door(s) would not close properly and the porcelain skin of the door would cut into the bottom portion of the freezer door opening and damage both.

To check the condition of the hinges on your truck, partially open the door, pulling up on the handle and pushing in toward the top, then watch for movement in the hinge knuckle.

We have original component parts and decals available for Good Humor ice cream trucks. We also specialize in original Good Humor Man uniform accessories.

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